With warmer weather coming, make sure your pets stay happy, cool, and safe as they head into the great outdoors with these precautionary tips from veterinarian Jean Quaintance.


Never leave your pets unattended in a car; they can overheat quickly. And avoid prolonged and strenuous activity.

Tip: Learn how to take your pet's temperature; if it's over 103 degrees, you should head to the vet. Watch for warning signs: red ears and excessive panting.


Most pets can swim, but just because they can get into a pool doesn't mean they can get out.

Tip: Use life jackets on dogs in the water.


Dogs can get burned by the sun, hot surfaces like roads and driveaways, and by getting too curious around an open grill.

Tip: Apply sunscreen to light-faced dogs.

Fleas and Ticks

Even if you aren't in an area infested with fleas and ticks, they could be on the bodies of pets around you.

Tip: Use a flea and tick protector like K9 Advantix. And, take a flea and tick comb to give your dog a good going-over.


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