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Beyond the Bellini

Recently, I met my husband after work at Lincoln Ristorante, overlooking New York City's newly renovated cultural mecca, Lincoln Center. The restaurant is high design in both its interior and its food, and wine director Aaron Von Rock has created a cocktail experience to match. Aiming to make what he calls a "multidimensional Bellini," he pairs Prosecco with a rotating cast of seasonal fruit purees and liqueurs. Below are a few of his most popular combinations. -- Lucinda Scala Quinn

Lincoln Prosecco Cocktails

To make these cocktails at home, just puree some fruit and strain it. Add 1 ounce puree to a 6-ounce flute, pour in 1/2 ounce liqueur, and fill the rest of the glass with Prosecco (I like Nino Franco Rustico, $12 per bottle). Don't be afraid to improvise with your favorite fruits and liqueurs. Says Von Rock, "There are natural affinities and happy accidents."

Peach Puree + Fragoli Liqueur

This blend features stone fruit and a strawberry liqueur that contains tiny strawberries.

Green Apple Puree + Cocchi Americano

Cocchi has a refreshing citrus flavor. Another pairing to try: green apple with Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur.

Black Currant + St-Germain

The classic mix of black currant (blackberries would work, too) and bubbly gets a modern twist from elderflower.

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