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Mail-Order Roses

by Stephen Orr

Although it never hurts to poke around your local nursery, finding a specific rose variety is just a click (and carefully wrapped express delivery package) away. Here are some of our favorite websites that specialize in roses.

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The Antique Rose Emporium
Brenham, TX
This is a venerable source for historic roses, especially of the southern part of the U.S. They specialize in rediscovering lost hybrids that have fallen out of circulation.

Chamblee’s Rose Nursery
Tyler, TX
The area around Tyler grows one-fifth of all the commercial rosebushes in the U.S., and this family-owned business in the "rose capital of the nation" has a wide selection of resilient modern varieties, such as Buck and Kordes roses.

Garden Valley Ranch
Petaluma, CA
You can choose from a wide selection of roses from this Northern California nursery, as well as buy cut flowers grown without chemicals.

High Country Roses
Denver, CO
These roses are “born” in the high, cold climate of eastern Utah, and have been carefully selected for hardiness in tough growing conditions, no matter what Zone you’re in.

Northland Rosarium
Spokane, WA
(509) 448-4968
This nursery specializes in ungrafted, own-root roses that are resilient to winter cold and dieback.

Pickering Nurseries
Port Hope, Ontario
Pickering sells a huge variety (almost 900 types) of roses as bareroot plants, which are lighter and less expensive to ship than plants with roots in soil.

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