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Crepe-Paper Magnolia Flowers

Enjoy the beauty of magnolia flowers year-round with this how-to from crafter Morgan Levine

Source: Martha Stewart



    • Cream or yellow crepe paper

    • Dark pink florist (180-gram) crepe paper

    • Scissors

    • Fringe scissors (optional)

    • 18-gauge floral wire

    • Brown floral tape

    • Bleach

    • Glue stick

    • Stapler

    • Bare magnolia branch


    1. Print crepe paper magnolia template. 
(Tip: To allow crepe paper to stretch, trace shapes along grain as marked by the arrows on the template.)

    2. Cut stamen shape out of cream or yellow crepe paper. Fringe one long edge (marked on template) with scissors or fringe scissors. Starting with the wider short edge, wrap around a 1 1/2-inch piece of 18-gauge floral wire; secure with brown floral tape. Gently twist top of stamen into a point.

    3. Mix 3/4 cups water with 1/4 cup bleach in a glass container.

    4. Cut twelve 2-by 5-inch rectangles out of dark pink crepe paper. One at a time, fold petal in half lengthwise, and with fold facing up, dip top half of petal into bleach solution. Count to 10, and remove; place on paper towels to dry.

    5. Glue 3 dry bleached rectangles to a strip of white crepe paper with a glue stick; let dry. Repeat to make 4 strips. Fold each strip into an accordion so that each bleached rectangle is on top of the next.

    6. Place petal template on top of folded strip, staple in place and cut out. Repeat for other 3 strips.

    7. One by one, use thumb and forefinger to curve top of each petal inward. Halfway down petal, curve crepe paper outward.

    8. Place four petals around base of stamen and secure with floral tape. Place the remaining 6 petals around base of stamen and secure with floral tape, edges curved away from center.

    9. Cut 3 to 5 bud petals from unbleached pink paper to make buds. Secure to a small piece of wire with floral tape as you did with the bloom petals.

    10. Use floral tape to wire blooms and buds to a bare magnolia branch.

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