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Memory Artwork

Capture childhood memories using a simple fabric silhouette technique from author and illustrator Sujean Rim, inspired by her book "Birdie's Big-Girl Dress."

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Color photocopier (or scanner and color printer)

  • Scissors

  • Tape or stapler and staples

  • Iron (optional)

  • Iron-on adhesive paper (optional)

  • Craft knife or small scissors

  • Heavyweight paper

  • Double-sided tape

  • White pencil

  • Frame


  1. Download and print out templates.

  2. Create paper “fabric” by photocopying in color (or scanning and printing in color) desired pieces of clothing.

  3. Using tape or stapler, attach desired template to paper “fabric,” being sure to tape or staple outside of template outline. (Tip: If working with actual fabric, use an iron to attach adhesive paper to back of fabric before tracing and cutting.)

  4. Using a craft knife or small scissors, cut out shape.

  5. Arrange various clothing shapes as desired on a piece of heavyweight paper cut to fit desired frame.

  6. Secure shapes to paper with double-sided tape and add names, dates and other information concerning each clothing piece using a white pencil. (Tip: If using adhesive backed fabric, remove paper backing before taping down.)

  7. Place artwork in frame and secure into place.

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