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Butterfly Centerpiece Arrangement

Celebrate spring with this terrarium-style display featuring pretty winged critters. It makes a fun alternative to a traditional seasonal floral arrangement.

Photography: Rob Tannenbaum

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2012


  • 28-gauge floral wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Hot-glue gun and hot glue sticks

  • Planter

  • Styrofoam ball that fits into bottom of planter

  • Sheet moss

  • Cloche


  1. Cut floral wire to 9-inch pieces. Remove butterflies from existing wire.

  2. Bend 1/2 inch of floral wire at one end to a 90-degree angle. Insert bent tip of floral wire into butterfly body. Add a dot of hot glue to secure and let dry. Repeat to make desired number of butterflies.


    Group three wired butterflies together. Arrange at staggered heights; twist wires together to create a small bundle. Repeat to make desired number of bundles.

  4. Place Styrofoam ball into planter; cover ball with moss. Insert butterfly bundles into moss-covered Styrofoam, and bend to arrange. Cover with cloche.

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