How to Fold a Button-Down Shirt

Learn how to fold a button-down shirt perfectly every time with these tips.

Photo: Steven McDonald

A wardrobe staple, the button-down shirt is a must-have item for both everyday work attire and more casual weekend outfits. Keeping the popular piece of clothing pristine can become difficult if not stored properly, and that's true no matter what the material your button-down shirt is made from. And while folding the shirt might not be as complicated as folding a fitted sheet, it's still a bit more complex than it might initially look.

Folding your shirts is an easy way to save coveted hanger space, and doing so will even help you fight wrinkles. As an item of clothing that is meant to be worn more than once between cleanings (and is regularly marked as dry-clean only), button-down shirts usually need a little more care when it comes to storage and organization. Below, find our step-by-step guide to folding your button-down shirts perfectly every time.

The Steps to a Flawless Fold

Start with a buttoned shirt—except for the cuffs—placed face-down on a flat, clean surface. Make sure the arms are out to the sides. Then, take one arm and fold it over the back of the shirt, bringing half of the body of the shirt over. Fold that same arm back on itself and down at an angle so the cuff is facing the collar of the shirt. Next repeat these steps on other side.

Bring the shirttail halfway up the back, then fold the bottom half once more to meet the shoulders. Flip over so the shirt is face-up, and smooth out any creases.

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