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Pansy Arrangement

Pansies appear to bloom out of these baskets, chosen to complement the plates on an Easter table.

Source: Martha Stewart


Fill baskets with enough flowers so that the arrangement looks abundant but not crowded.

Tools and Materials

Green spray paint
Wicker baskets
Plastic liners about the size of the baskets (available at crafts and garden stores)
Pea gravel
Pansy plants
Fresh or dried moss


  1. In a well-ventilated space, spray-paint interior and exterior of baskets, and let dry. Slide liners into baskets, and cover bottom with pea gravel. Remove pansies from their containers, and set root-ball over the gravel. Cover with moss.
  2. Water immediately and when they start to dry out.


Double-wall low round baskets (similar to shown), $23 for 2, Paint, by Martha Stewart Living Paint, in China Green Marble,


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