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Raspberry White Cake

Recipe photo courtesy of Jonathan Lovekin

In this classic layer cake, egg whites serve as a leaven; they also give the mountainous frosting all its loft.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2012
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  • rbmunnerlyn
    24 SEP, 2017
    This recipe is very similar to a cake in one of the Martha Stewart Classics or New Classics cookbooks. I made it per direx for my Mom's birthday, and it turned out nicely. The biggest differences with the recipe here is the book called for milk rather than cream and did not call for almond extract. I was not very confident about the frosting (described in that book as '7-Minute frosting'). Appearances were deceiving on the frosting, as I realized I could have put a lot more between the cake layers and still have plenty for the rest of the cake. The cake itself has a nice flavor, but is indeed quite dense as others have mentioned. With the whipped egg whites and baking soda, expected it to be somewhat lighter. The adjustments I would make in trying this cake again: 1) possibly heat and strain the raspberry jam because I am not fond of the seeds, and 2) I would use more frosting to blend with the jam for the filling (I held back a little for fear of running short). Frosting the exterior of the cake was fun and the frosting adhered beautifully and had a very shiny, fluffy appearance (I heaped on loads!)...and it also tastes wonderful. Even with the dense texture, I like that the final product was not overly sweet. Leftover keeps well in the refrigerator to enjoy a slice later with a cup of coffee. I've enjoyed every MS recipe I've tried, as I am a baking novice and new recipes/techniques are always a learning experience.
  • sarahmariehuffm
    15 AUG, 2016
    I used this recipe for to make a layer cake for my husband's great grandma's birthday. I used other recipes for the frosting and raspberry filling. The flavor of the cake mix was great, but the cake turned out very thin and dense. I was pretty disappointed.
  • MellG
    9 JUN, 2015
    I did not like this recipe at all. The layers were all very dense and maybe even a bit rubbery. The jam in between added flavor but the texture/look between layers was not appealing. I'm not surprised they didn't show a picture of this cake cut open... it doesn't look great.
  • MS10633225
    14 APR, 2014
    This would be my dream cake.....perfect for a wedding :)
  • Laura Fitzsimmons
    16 JUN, 2013
    I made the cake I haven't frosted it yet because I am not sure if I made it right. The recipe does not have very good instructions. The cream and egg whites are they both supposed to be whipped separately then folded together or are they just whisked together with no whipping? I didn't whip the cream or the egg whites and my cake is flat. It looks like it may be good though. I am just confused. Any help. I guess I'll find out when I eat it...
  • maurainelle
    12 MAY, 2013
    Wonderful! I was concerned like other reviewers, but the ingredients for the cake batter worked just fine for me, no adjustments needed. The meringue was great, a lot like boiled icing, and it yielded more than enough to generously frost the cake. I made a raspberry buttercream (1 c. butter, 3/4 c. raspberry jam, 1-1/2 c. confectioner's sugar) to go in between the cake layers since I like my layer cakes to be over-the-top sweet. It received rave reviews! Definitely a keeper!
  • domesticdroid
    4 APR, 2013
    Where is your butter? Typically heavy cream doesn't supply enough oil content to make a cake. Doesn't sound like something I would like to try.
  • jackcaudill86
    31 MAR, 2013
    This is an absolutely wonderful recipe. Simplicity and elegance abound, it is simple to make and very tasty.
  • Erin777777
    30 MAR, 2013
    This recipe is CRAP!!! do not use it, I wasted all those raspberries for NOTHING!!!! I guess Martha Stewarts workers who do all the work fought back
  • Linda Stoneking
    29 JAN, 2013
    Everyone loved this cake I would up making it into two pans because I needed to save time and I only had two. It looked harder than what it was. Wish there was a picture of the inside, it is a very pretty cake both inside and the exterior. The question I had was about holding the ingredients in, you usually do that when there is something that is whipped. I was unsure if I needed to whip the egg whites.

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