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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download and print leaf template, enlarging to desired size to fit tray.

Step 2

Remove backing from adhesive stencil film and smooth onto underside of glass.

Step 3

Place template on a flat surface and place glass over template, film side up. Following the template through the glass, cut the leaf shapes into the stencil film with a craft knife. Remove the film from inside the leaf shapes.

Step 4

Paint two coats of paint over the stencil, letting dry between coats. Remove stencil from glass.

Step 5

Paint entire underside (painted side) of glass with gilding size. (Note: Size will be milky when applied and turn clear as it sets and becomes tacky.)

Step 6

Apply patent silver leaf over size, and use a soft brush to remove excess leaf.

Step 7

Place glass in tray.


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