There's not much that's cozier than curling up with a hot cup of tea. But there's more to brewing it than a teabags and a kettle. Heidi Johannsen Stewart and Michael Shannon, from Bellocq Tea Atelier, share their expert tips for getting your tea just right.

The Equipment

Electric tea kettle (Make sure that the kettle has good temperature control.)

Pitcher of water


Tea filters

Tea strainers

Glass tea kettle

The Water

- Use spring or filtered water (not straight tap water) for purer flavor.

- Regulate the water temperature as it depends on the tea. Generally, for black tea, the temperature should be about 195 degrees; white teas, around 180; green teas, 150 to 175.

- Make sure the water-to-tea ratio is about 1 to 2 teaspoons of tea per 8 ounces of water.

The Tea

- Steeping time varies depending on the tea. Herbal tea can range from 4 to 10 minutes (or more); green teas, about 3 minutes; black teas, from 4 to 6 minutes.

- Coziest teas at Bellocq:

Little Dickens (chocolate-kissed herbal)

Bellocq Breakfast (smooth, full-bodied blend of organic Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon black tea)

Etoile de l'Inde (tropical blend of organic green tea, passion fruit, rose, and marigold)

Le Hammeau (refreshing organic herbal blend of organic lemongrass and verbena, lavender, mint, and sage)

The Queen's Guard (elegant and fragrant blend of black Ceylong tea, rose, and lavender)

The White Wolf (blend of organic white peony, cedar, juniper, and mint)

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Martha Stewart Member
February 16, 2012
Where can one buy the lovely glass teapot and candle stand?