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Slow-Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

This St. Patrick's Day favorite couldn't be simpler to make. By making your corned beef and cabbage in a slow cooker, all of the hard work is done for you.

Source: Everyday Food, March 2012
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  • thegeodeman2005
    18 MAR, 2019
    I found a 2.85 lb. "flat" corned beef brisket on sale at walmart and ended up on this site trying to figure out how exactly to cook it. I don't like cabbage so I just put baby carrots, onions, and potatoes in the bottom of the crock, put the brisket (unrinsed) on top fat side up with some baby carrots shoved down along the sides. I filled with water so it was almost to the top of the brisket and sprinkled in the little packet of spices that came with it. I also sprinkled a little dried thyme, fresh cracked black pepper, and put a bay leaf in. Cooked with the crock pot on low for a little over 8 hours and OMG was it so tender and good. Definitely cooking this again!!!
  • CKL20028314
    18 MAR, 2019
    Followed directions exactly, using 3 lb corned beef (In bag with juices), rinsed well and put in slow cooker on top of vegetables, covered with 6 cups water so it was almost completely covered, 5 hours on high and it was too tough to eat! What did I do wrong?! So disappointed because we were really looking forward to it for 5 hours!
  • sky_grrl77
    17 MAR, 2019
    So good! I didn’t have an onion and put the cabbage on top st the beginning. Everything was done after about 6 hours on high. Added a little celery salt and a bay leaf. Delicious! Just as good as any other corned beef and cabbage that I’ve had before maybe even better!
  • pattipurn
    16 MAR, 2019
    I would rate this as five stars. It was just delicious. Easy to make. My husband loved it!
    • pattipurn
      16 MAR, 2019
      The seasoning was just right.
  • barblee498
    21 MAR, 2018
    I followed the directions to the letter in my new All-Clad, beautiful crock pot. Cooked it on low 9 hours because my cabbage was in two hours and not done. I put it in the microwave to finish up and it was still a little undercooked. I did use regular cabbage because we love it. Not sure if the Savoy cabbage would be different. Also the meat wasn’t as tender as when I cook corned beef on the stove. This recipe will not be made again in the crock pot.
    • MS12023424
      13 MAR, 2019
      Definitely use a bottle of LAGER & cook it 8-10 hrs so meat is tasty & falls apart
  • MS10682558
    24 MAR, 2017
    Hmmm. Kinda bland. Glad I read another recipe that recommended serving w creme fraiche which helped a lot. I cooked veggies from the beginning and they were perfect. Used tri-color bag of carrots! Pretty! Loved adding thyme. Could have used rosemary and salt.
    • castalure1
      11 MAR, 2019
      why would anyone want to add salt to corned beef. If you need salt on corned beef, you must not have any taste buds
  • janaprater52
    9 MAR, 2019
    It did not have enough salt or other flavorings. Very bland.
    • castalure1
      11 MAR, 2019
      How can corned beef, which is soaked in a brine, not have enough salt?
  • MS10048097
    14 MAR, 2018
    I make it exactly how the recipe is written above. I find it interesting that the video is done opposite of how she has it written. She says in recipe place veggies in crock, put corned beef on top fat side up and sprinkle with spices. Then in the video, she puts the meat in fat side down first, places veggies around and then the spices. Hmmm. Anyway, the written recipe is correct. Plus, I cut my cabbage in half, the place it cut side down on board to make wedges, much safer and uniform that way.
    • MS10048097
      25 OCT, 2018
      I agree with MS200480 ! Do not cut your cabbage the way it's done in the video. Do it like the comment states above. I, too have noticed when reading one of Martha's recipes and then watching this lady in the videos she does not follow Martha's cooking instructions usually.
  • geaglin43gmail
    19 MAR, 2018
    I followed used written and video instructions and some reviews as a guideline. I put meat on the bottom, carrots and onions, and thyme on top. Added a bay leaf, and a sprig of very finely chopped rosemary along with seasoning packet. I poured in a bottle of beer and then water. Cooked on high for 6 hours. Halfway through I added the cabbage. An hour and a half before end of cooking time I added in whole baby potatoes. Turned our delicious.
  • michellene3532337
    19 MAR, 2018
    The written instructions worked perfectly! My dad said it was the best Corned Beef he ever had.

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