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Classic Chicken Potpie

Recipe photo courtesy of Johnny Miller

A buttery crust is always a winner, but when it comes to potpie, it's what's inside that counts. Try this classic version; then explore these fresh filling ideas: Curried Chicken; Mushroom-Marjoram Chicken; Tomato-Corn Chicken.

Source: Everyday Food, March 2012
Total Time Prep Servings


For the Crust

For the Filling


Cook's Notes

Roll your dough a couple inches larger than your dish: Folding it up and over, pinching as you go, forms a beautiful decorative edge.

To make potpies ahead of time, let the filling cool, then assemble and freeze for up to 4 months. Bake at 425 degrees, 1 1/4 hours (1 hour for small pies).

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How would you rate this recipe?
  • kerryjanedaygm
    14 MAY, 2017
    This is on regular rotation at our house. One time, I left the butter a little too long and it browned. And the improvement in the depth of flavour was AMAZING. Try that! Yes, it is a bit bland as written, but I add some dried tarragon or thyme and it is just fine.
    15 FEB, 2017
    Thank you for the recette. I cooked it last night and it was great. I used potatoes and panne boiled in advance. In spring, I would like to use the green piece.
  • MS11934108
    21 MAR, 2016
    This is a wonderful recipe. The crust is perfect and the sauce is silky. We love this dinner!
    • rambuggy
      2 NOV, 2016
      Great dinner, made it turkey pot pie. Added a few extra ingredients as my adult son's arrived unexpectedly. Added 1 can of veg-al & an extra potato, gravy and thyme. Everyone ate their fill. 8 large servings. Thank you Martha!
    • rambuggy
      2 NOV, 2016
      Great dinner, made it turkey pot pie. Added a few extra ingredients as my adult son's arrived unexpectedly. Added 1 can of veg-al & an extra potato, gravy and thyme. Everyone ate their fill. 8 large servings. Thank you Martha!
  • MS112583616
    6 JAN, 2016
    We just had this for dinner tonight, and it is fantastic! I took the easy road and used frozen mixed vegetables that I thawed and drained. I loved that the recipe has no milk. And my 7-year-old daughter loves that the video has Sarah Carey -- she is a huge fan!
  • MS112570750
    30 AUG, 2015
    Update: out of the oven, an OMG! This is a fantastic recipe. I didn't have chicken stock and was able to make a quick version while sauteing the veggies and already cooked chicken and adding spices and butter. Then added the water after the flour. It turned out incredible. The husband is very happy as am I. I'll be making this again.
  • rara
    30 MAR, 2015
    its so good , i was making it now , just waiting for it to be ready , cant wait to taste it :D
  • lolaloves3
    11 AUG, 2014
    This was what I made for dinner tonight and my husband raved about it! I made a few variations. First, I used a ready made pie crust and roast chicken and it saved plenty of time! I also used mushrooms in place of peas- and added celery. It was DELICIOUS!
  • mynanaistheislandgirl
    16 JUL, 2014
    I made the dough recipe only and it tastes spectacular! My husband is going to love this combined with my chicken pot pie filling.
    • hlmiller2
      18 OCT, 2014
      Tried and tried but cannot even roll the dough out without it breaking apart. After wasting 1 hr of my time and a few dollars in ingredients I finally give up on this recipe. I'll try something else.
      • MS112570750
        29 AUG, 2015
        So far so good. The crust was easy, I always use Martha's tried and true crust recipes. I didn't have chicken broth. I sauteed in butter, a bit of celery heart, sweet onion,fresh green beans,new potatoes and carrots, just picked Chantrelle mushrooms. I just got my CSA yesterday, that was some of what it contained and there are no fresh peas around right now. I used Spike seasoning and dried parsley, salt and pepper. It thickened up beautifully, and is in the oven.
  • cakebrand
    20 FEB, 2014
    Simple and clean flavors. Just what I look for in chicken pot pie. Some complained the filling was bland. Easy fix: actually try the filling and add whatever is missing. I added some nutmeg, mustard, and a few drops of hot sauce. Don't be helpless. ;)
    • DebA
      8 MAR, 2015
      Cakebrand, I love that! Don't be People act like they don't know what seasoning is!
  • susan kaytar
    8 FEB, 2014
    I made it but instead of frozen peas I added mushrooms. I will definately make it again!

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