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Birdhouse Valentine

Make a sweet handmade card for your Valentine using versatile craft punches and a charming three-dimensional element with this how-to from artist Rosa Clifford. Accent with glitter for extra texture and sparkle.

Photography: Rob Tannenbaum

Source: Martha Stewart






  • Decorative paper

  • Scissors and/or craft knife

  • Brown card stock

  • Glue or glue pen

  • Light green card stock

  • Adhesive foam dots

  • Bird stickers (such as these)


  1. Cut a 4 3/4-by-6 1/2 inch rectangle from decorative paper for the background mat. Trace birdhouse template on brown card stock and cut out.

  2. Position the All Over the Page Heart punch approximately 2 1/2 inches from the top of the birdhouse, then center and punch.

  3. Cut a 2-inch square from decorative card stock (we used ombre card stock) and glue it to the birdhouse on the reverse side of the heart punch opening.

  4. Punch small hearts from three different colors of card stock using the Heart Confetti punch. Glue one of each color heart in a vertical line above the heart punch opening on the front of the birdhouse.

  5. Punch ten leaf branches using light green card stock and the Five-Leaf Branch punch. Arrange and glue four leaf branches to the bottom of the birdhouse.

  6. Attach birdhouse to background mat using two adhesive foam dots, centering one at top and one at bottom. Glue the remaining leaf branches to the background mat, arranged at the bottom of the birdhouse.

  7. Add small punched hearts from the Heart Confetti punch to the leaf fronds. Add small hearts punched from glitter paper, if desired. Attach bird stickers below the heart punch opening.

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