Celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle shares his how-to for creating an alluring look for the holiday.
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Credit: Tamara Schlesinger


To get a flirty winged eye, you don't need to apply liquid liner. Instead, use black eye shadow. Place an adhesive note on the outer corner of the eye at the desired angle. Then, using a flat eyeliner brush, sweep black eye shadow along the edge of the note; the paper serves as a stencil. Remove it to reveal a soft and sexy eye. If black eye shadow is too harsh for you, try a gray or cocoa shadow instead.

For instant glamour, try false lashes. A lash that adds length to the outer corner will reinforce the look of the winged eye. Look for lashes with a very thin band; they will be easier to apply and more comfortable to wear. If you want to fake it without the work, try L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. This mascara has a blend of long and short nylon and rayon fibers (the same materials used for false lashes) to help create a fuller appearance.


To create a high, sexy cheekbone, apply bronzer or a taupe eye shadow to the hollows of your cheeks. This creates a shadow, giving a more contoured look. Then, add color to the apples of your cheeks (the areas where you would naturally flush).


Choose a loose iridescent powder that matches your natural skin tone for a romantic glow. If you have a darker complexion, choose a golden powder. To avoid shine, don't apply the powder over wrinkles, acne, or other imperfections. Apply it only to the smoothest parts of your skin to highlight your best features.


To prevent messy smears (and stay kissable on Valentine's Day), choose a long-lasting lip formula. Try SeneGence's LipSense in Blu-Red, a favorite of Christina Aguilera's. It's a semipermanent lip stain that will last up to 18 hours.

For the best results, pick a shade of red that's the opposite of your skin tone to avoid looking muddy. If you have a warm complexion (golden or olive skin tones), choose a color with a cool or blue undertone. If you have cool or pink undertones to your skin, choose a lipstick with a warm or orange undertone.

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Martha Stewart Member
October 17, 2018
Excellent Make Up Artist and great video! The powder eye shadow and post-it trick is amazing too. Have to get the lipstick. Mine long lasting was discontinued and this will be a replacement! Thanks for sharing Martha.