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Shamrock Straw Toppers

As a nod to Saint Patrick's Day, let your kids create their own luck with four-leaf-clover straw toppers.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 2012


  • Card stock

  • Scissors

  • Bendable drinking straws, in green


  1. Cut card stock into 5-inch squares.

  2. Fold each square in half diagonally, creating a triangle, and then fold in half once more to make a smaller triangle. Trim off outer points as indicated.

  3. Unfold paper halfway, as shown. Cut a small V at the bottom, in the center.

  4. Unfold shamrock, and crease diagonally, reversing the direction of the fold; repeat to make another diagonal crease. Slide card-stock shamrock onto one end of a green straw. Make a wish, and have a sip!

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