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Tissue-Paper Wall Heart

The heart on our February 2012 cover was inspired by the wall hanging featured in “At the Hop!” on page 86.These instructions make a heart about four feet by four feet.

Photography: Tamara Schlesinger

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Tissue-paper pom-pom kits (2 large, 2 medium)

  • 24 ten-inch pieces floral wire

  • 1 tissue-paper pom-pom garland kit (for mini size)

  • 24 removable adhesive wall hooks


  1. Remove 4 sheets of tissue paper from 1 of the pom-poms, and accordion-fold them along the prescored lines. Fold a length of wire around the center, and twist to close (leave a 6-inch tail of wire for attaching to wall). Working in batches of 4 to 8 sheets, which will make some of the pom-poms fuller, repeat to make a total of 30. Then repeat to make a total of 10 mini pom-poms. (Optional: Mix tissue paper in different colors; use a red sheet on the bottom to make a darker pom-pom.)

  2. Fan out the layers of tissue paper: Separate 1 sheet at a time, and pull it upward. Repeat with each layer, then with each pom-pom.

  3. Position the pom-poms on the wall: Play around with placement, and use a pencil to lightly mark where to stick each hook. Attach hooks to wall, and use excess wire to hang pom-poms.

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