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Oversize Urn Arrangement

Floral designers Remco Van Vliet and his half brother, Cas Trap, share their secrets for putting together an oversize urn arrangement.

Photography: Ditte Isager

Source: Martha Stewart





  • Kousa dogwood

  • Mock orange

  • Viburnum

  • Mountain laurel

  • Garden roses


  1. Set a plastic container within the urn.

  2. Stabilize it, using rolled-up wads of newspaper around the edges.

  3. Fill container with water.

  4. Cut thick branches of dogwood to various heights, using floral shears.

  5. Place dogwood branches within the container to create an armature.

  6. Weave in thinner-stemmed branches of mock orange, viburnum, and mountain laurel, using dogwood branches for support.

  7. Step back frequently to judge the effect and check the balance of the composition.

  8. Finish by inserting roses.

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