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Denver Omelet Cups

Recipe photo courtesy of Standard

In place of ham steak, you can use crumbled sausage or diced turkey breast.

Source: Everyday Food, January/February 2012



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  • katemccaskey1
    19 JUN, 2018
    I LOVE this recipe!! it worked perfectly!!! COuld you please create a playlist of Everyday Food videos with Sarah Carey? I really enjoy watching how she turns everyday, simple, affordable ingredients into good, nutritious dishes for the whole family. I do alot of cooking for my family and I am always looking for more recipes, and different ways to prepare affordable foods.
    • ktlt2828527977
      16 JAN, 2019
      I haven't made this yet, but I'm sure it is wonderful. I love watching Sarah. She makes it look easy, so I usually try everything she does. Thanks
  • MS11092665
    25 MAR, 2018
    I have made this many times....very yummy! And, everyone is always very impressed with how cute they are! I do break the extra yolks from making the base and add that underneath the whole eggs so they aren’t wasted. If you will have leftovers, I would recommend not putting the egg on for those....they taste better reheated without the egg and then adding a fresh egg later. I have used bacon bits, real bacon crumbles, sausage (crumbled), diced pepperoni, and diced ham....and they all come out great. Love this recipe!
  • MS11854888
    25 FEB, 2017
    Sounds great but I'm just one person and a not very good cook. As soon as I saw "6 eggs" I moved to another web site.
    • cbscott224mvrg
      5 DEC, 2017
      I will half the recipe,beat eggs and make omelet style.......
    • MS10934112
      3 DEC, 2017
      Please only review a recipe if you have actually made it.
    • psc8181
      25 FEB, 2017
      I froze left overs in individual containers and served for a lite supper or lunch , added the egg after warming up in toaster oven , pre fried egg than added to top with a bit of w/extra cheese YUM!
  • resquedbythelamb
    25 FEB, 2017
    Since I don't eat "runny" eggs, I'll have to revamp this some. It will really be a great addition to our church breakfasts. I may experiment with bacon bits too.
    • cbscott224mvrg
      5 DEC, 2017
      Not a fan of runny, will beat eggs as you would for omelet...yum
      25 FEB, 2017
      Make the base and refrigerate then cook only the egg daily, warm and serve!
  • psc8181
    25 FEB, 2017
    used tater tots that I slightly thawed and chopped up./ used pancheta and parm with a bit a chopped kale and a touch of crushed red peppers./ topped with mozzarella ./ with husband won't eat runny eggs so I scrambled and then added ./ turned out great. also did it in a large 13x9 dish for a crowd, great idea. the person who only cooks for (1) coulld make and freeze leftovers for a quick lite supper or lunch adding the egg last
  • hacurtis
    17 DEC, 2013
    Loved this! Thinking we'll pair it with something sweet for Christmas morning breakfast. I didn't use frozen hash browns, rather I peeled, grated, and squeezed out the extra moisture from some Yukon golds. They worked great, I only used a little over 3 cups to fill the six compartments. Had I used all 4 the eggs would not have fit.
  • Allison Marsh
    9 SEP, 2012
    It didn't turn out as pretty as the picture. We didn't have room for the eggs on top either, but we made dippy eggs and put them on top afterwards. The kids had seconds of it too. They want us to make this again. Maybe I'll have better luck with presentation next time.
  • bigguy13
    5 JUL, 2012
    Marvelous recipe! Comes out perfect every time. Switch out the peppers or the ham for Spanish chorizo and it can be a meal with a small salad.
  • JennStar
    21 JUN, 2012
    A huge familly hit- we've made these at least 4 times since we discovered this recipe. Very versatile, we've made them with flavored hashbrowns; also tried with bacon crumbles instead of ham. Taking this recipe to our beach vacation this summer for an easy supper. Great cold the next day, also!
  • resoursemom
    27 JAN, 2012
    This was good. I was looking for something different for a Saturday breakfast. I swapped out the onions for other vegetables, and even used just egg whites for my husband. It takes longer to make than waffles, but when it's -10 degrees out who wants to go to a resturant!

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