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12-Inch Knit Square Pillow

This project juxtaposes two different (but rich) textures of wool.

Photography: Christopher Baker

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Size 8 needles

  • 1 skein merino yarn, in Turquoise

  • 1 skein merino yarn, in Wheat

  • 13-inch square piece of wool fabric

  • Sewing supplies

  • 12-inch square pillow insert


  1. Cast on 48 stitches (12 inches) in turquoise yarn and, using a stockinette stitch, knit 18 rows.

  2. Switch to wheat yarn, and knit 4 rows.

  3. Switch back to turquoise and knit 56 rows, or until piece measures 12 inches.

  4. Cast off. Weave in ends.

  5. Leaving a 1/2-inch seam allowance, sew knit piece to fabric with sewing thread, leaving a hemmed opening for pillow insert.

  6. Stuff insert inside, and slip stitch closed. (To avoid shrinkage, dry cleaning is recommended.)

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