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How to Knit a Square and Rectangle

These shapes are the basis for many projects. For each one, the measurement in inches is more important to the final size or fit than the number of stitches or rows, so adjust those counts accordingly. For basic knitting instructions, see

Tools and Materials

Knitting needles

Knit Square and Rectangle How-To

  1. Cast on however many stitches are required.
  2. To create a garter stitch, which appears bumpy on both sides, knit each row.
  3. To create a stockinette stitch, which appears smooth on one side and bumpy on the other, knit 1 row, then purl the next. Continue alternating rows.
  4. To create smooth, clean edges for all the patterns, always knit the last stitch of every row (regardless of how the rest of the row is worked). Then, for the first stitch of every row, always slip purlwise.

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