The brightness of lemon. The freshness of parsley. The sharpness of Parmesan. Think of them as your refrigerator's power trio. These incredibly versatile -- and all too often unsung -- flavors combine to make delicious meals for any time of day.
Credit: Hans Gissinger

Nobody puts lemon in the corner. Or parsley. Or Parmesan. Yet these three ingredients are often a garnish, an afterthought, or followed by a dismissive optional in recipes. But they are, in fact, deserving of much bigger roles. While each has its own merits, it's when they're all mixed together that they become a magical flavor trifecta -- the lemon's bright acidity, the cheese's salty sharpness, and the parsley's cleansing freshness. Plus, these are hardly exotic ingredients: They are easy to find almost anywhere -- and very likely rolling around in your own crisper drawer. As with all love triangles, the power dynamic of these three ingredients is ever shifting. This only underscores their versatility for meals you can eat all day, every day. Whether you serve an open-faced egg sandwich for breakfast, an easy bowl of pasta, or a classic meal of roast chicken, disappointment is certainly not an option.


The fresh and zesty sauce in this dish provides a welcome diversion from the same old roast chicken.

LEMON, PARSLEY, AND PARMESAN, PLUS PASTAThis parsley sauce is a riff on basil-and-Parmesan pesto.

LEMON, PARSLEY, AND PARMESAN, PLUS BREAD, PROSCIUTTO, AND EGGIt's not quite an egg sandwich and not quite a strata, but no matter how you slice it, this toasty egg, cheese, and prosciutto recipe makes an irresistible meal.

The carrots and croutons bake at the same time on the same sheet, saving time and space in the oven.


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