New This Month


New Year's Hats

Photography: Burcu Avsar

Source: Martha Stewart


Children go crazy for New Year's Eve -- when else do they get to stay up so late? But while the grownups will happily sip Champagne and chat, the junior set might need some help killing time before the big ball drop. 


  • Plain plastic top hats

  • Craft supplies

  • Child-safe scissors

  • Craft glue

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Create a make-your-own-hat station by setting out plain plastic top hats, along with a selection of basic crafts supplies (streamers, stickers, pom-poms). Have child-safe scissors, craft glue, and double-sided tape on hand for assembly, and let the little ones go to town. They'll love modeling their creations as much as making them.

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