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Scrap-Wood Dollhouse

Source: Martha Stewart


Use extra wood to build a simple dollhouse for your child with this how-to from blogger Joel Henriques's "Made to Play!"


  • Two pieces of wood in any size (our floor board was 7 inches by 9 inches and our wall board was 8 inches by 9 inches)

  • Nails or screws

  • Paint, stain, or finish

  • Wood glue

  • Saw

  • Drill

  • Beeswax

  • Various found objects, scrap wood, scrap fabric


  1. Sand boards and nail or screw together along one edge. Paint, stain, or finish as desired.

  2. Use found objects and your imagination to make furniture and decorations

  3. Attach two 2-inch rectangular scrap pieces of wood together with glue. Upholster by wrapping a thin rectangle of cardboard with scrap fabric.

  4. Cut a small section of a dowel, sand, and drill a small hole in the middle of one end. Stand a twig or plant clipping in the hole. (Tip: To smooth and protect scraps of wood, rub with beeswax.)

  5. Scan and shrink children's artwork, draw your own, or hang a small printed photo.

  6. To make a rug, cut a piece of faux fur or fringe the edges of a small piece of fabric.

  7. See our how-to on the Crafts Dept. blog.

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