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Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand® Yarn Extra-Soft Wool Blend Loom-Knit Pig

Source: Martha Stewart



About 5 1/2 in. (14 cm)


  • MARTHA STEWART CRAFTS TM/MC LION BRAND® YARN EXTRA SOFT WOOL BLEND (Art. #5400) #501 Petal Pink (1 ball), or color of your choice
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • 2 black safety eyes, 9mm
  • Small amount of dark pink yarn

Exact gauge is not essential for this project.


  1. Follow loom manual instructions for SINGLE KNITTING for how to cast on, knit, and bind off.
  2. For Body and Legs, the loom is configured into a closed semicircle for stability. All work will be done on 28-hole semicircle piece. The curved shape of the semicircle piece does not affect the shape of the finished knit fabric.
  3. Loom can be configured into a variety of shapes to suit your preference. If desired, use additional loom pieces to configure loom into any shape, then knit back and forth in rows on just one side of loom.

Loom Configuration
Use the following pieces:
(1) 28-hole semicircle piece
(1) 12-hole piece
(2) corner pieces

Connect the pieces as follows: 28-hole semicircle piece > corner piece > 12-hole piece > corner piece

BODY (make 2)
Insert 24 small pegs into center 24 holes on 28-hole semicircle piece (24 working pegs placed). Insert contrast color pegs into connecting holes to hold loom together. Cast onto every working peg.
Knit 32 rows. Bind off.

LEGS (make 4)
Insert 12 small pegs into center 12 holes of 28-hole semicircle piece (12 working pegs placed).
Cast onto all working pegs.
Knit 5 rows.
Bind off as follows: Cut working yarn, leaving an 8-inch (20.5cm) yarn tail. Thread tail into yarn needle provided with loom. Slide needle through yarn loop on peg from bottom to top of loop. Repeat along loom until all loops are threaded. Gently remove knitting from loom. Tug on end of yarn to gather up stitches snugly, then knot end of yarn. Use remainder of tail to sew side seam, stuffing as you go.

Follow package instructions to attach safety eyes to front of one Body piece. With dark pink yarn threaded into yarn needle provided with loom, work French knots for nose.
Seam Body pieces together, stuffing as you go. Sew Legs to Body. To make ears, work straight stitches across the top corners of the Body, pulling in slightly to shape.
Thread yarn ends into yarn needle and weave in ends.

Every effort has been made to produce accurate and complete instructions. We cannot be responsible for variance of individual knitters or crocheters, human error, or typographical mistakes.

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