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Easy Paper Turkey

Photography: Rob Tannenbaum

Source: Martha Stewart


Here's a Thanksgiving decoration you can make with the kids; use it to adorn a side table or as a playful centerpiece.


  • Large pieces of colorful paper

  • Craft knife

  • Edge punch (optional)

  • Ruler

  • Bone folder

  • Twist tie

  • Stapler

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Choose desired vessel for turkey body.

  2. Cut three lengths of paper to desired size for vessel, grading the widths so that one can be seen behind the other. Use an edge punch to decorate one long edge of each sheet of paper, if desired. Using a ruler and bone folder, score at even intervals along the length, and accordion fold each piece of paper separately.

  3. Layer folded strips together; secure in the middle with a twist tie.

  4. Pull the ends up into a fan shape, meeting in the center, and staple together. Secure to back of vessel with double-sided tape.

  5. Print paper turkey template to make the head, enlarging or reducing to desired size for vessel. Trace two head shapes onto dark brown paper and two wattle shapes onto red paper. Cut out shapes, fold on dotted lines, and tape together to form a two-sided head. Tape folded tabs to vessel.

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