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Chocolate Souffle

Recipe photo courtesy of Romulo Yanes

Souffles have a reputation for being temperamental, but they're actually very simple. They get their signature height from stiffly beaten egg whites. Using a few staple ingredients, you can whip up a dessert that's guaranteed to impress at a dinner party yet easy enough for a casual supper.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2011
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Cook's Notes

Dust the finished souffle with confectioners' sugar if you like, then serve straight away -- the souffle will begin to lose its lift and collapse as it cools.

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  • azucca
    22 FEB, 2017
    My daughter (who's 14) wanted to make this recipe. The fact that you add WATER to the chocolate made us both think if this is really correct. Never the less we followed the instructions, and the inevitable happened: the chocolate SEIZED! The final result wasn't what we expected. Sorry Martha this recipe is not good...And I'll not be making again.
    • ALR9935643DW
      25 JUN, 2017
      Looked online on how to melt chocolate and adding water, since a lot of people were having issues with this step. Looks like the key is keeping the water at a simmer while doing it, if the water becomes to hot the chocolate will seize. I added the water, vanilla and chocolate all at once, and did not have any issues.
    • OringePeel
      10 APR, 2017
      The water in step 2 sounds odd, but in step 4 the recipe also calls for adding the sugar to the egg whites, which cannot then be the same sugar from step 2 because step 5 is adding the egg whites to the base. I think I'll be checking out a different recipe!
    • rletourneau321
      26 MAR, 2017
      It clearly states: In a large heatproof bowl set over a pot of simmering water, combine chocolate, vanilla, and 1/4 cup water. It's a bummer to see this mistake in the recipe. They should fix it. I always tell my culinary students that we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes when I have a doubt in an ingredient, I look at similar recipes to make sure it makes sense.
    • s_elieff1
      26 MAR, 2017
      there is a typo in the instructions... should be 1/4 cup sugar, not water.
      26 MAR, 2017
      The recipe does indeed say to combine the chocolate, vanilla and 1/4c water. "In a large heatproof bowl set over a pot of simmering water, combine chocolate, vanilla, and 1/4 cup water. ". I thought this too may have been a mistake.
    • jwmleake
      16 MAR, 2017
      Reread the instruction. You don't add the chocolate to water; the instructions are to melt the chocolate over boiling water (a Baine-marie.) chocolate soufflé is really difficult to master, so read the recipe twice to make sure you don't miss a crucial detail. Best of luck next time!
  • mariagf84gmail
    3 APR, 2017
    I made this with 1/4 cup of sugar instead of the 1/4 of water as s_elieff1 suggested and it came out great. The chocolate was not that smooth when it was melting, so was wondering if this is right? Some recipes have butter added to the chocolate.
  • mgerstein
    13 FEB, 2016
    can I use this same recipe to make mini souffles in the small ramekins?
    • nicglass314icl
      30 MAR, 2017
      Yes you can. The original version was in the cook book and called for 5 10-ounce ramekins.
  • cathleennichole
    18 FEB, 2017
    First time making a souffle, and I am surprised at how easy this was! It came out beautiful, but I would probably cut the sugar next time because it was a little sweet for my taste (Idon't like things very sweet and when you take into consideration the sugar in the bowl it adds up). It was delicious though and I will make it for my guests next week, although maybe individual dishes would look nicer.
  • scottvincenyah
    14 NOV, 2016
    This is my "go-to" souffle. Simple and easy with ingredients that are always on the shelf. Great for a quick chocolate fix!
  • kathwest8gmail
    2 MAY, 2016
    Just made a soufflé for the first time. Instead of using a mixer on the egg whites I hand whisked them. All in all it turned out good. Although it rose awkwardly. One side rose more than the other. Not a huge deal however because it was still delicious!
  • dahlia
    8 FEB, 2015
    Well, aside from the fact that i didn't try the recipe myself yet! I wanted to double check if it was okay to heat the oven to 275 degrees only! And if so.. Will it take the same exact 30 minutes or more?
    • carotherskathe
      25 DEC, 2015
      NO you can't change the temp. It need the heat to give it that lift. Some recipes say to start it higher , like 400, then take it back down to 350
    • dahlia
      8 FEB, 2015
      Got another inquiry, do i have to heat the mixture right away from preparing it? Or its okay if i prepared, save it for couple of hours, then cooked it?
      • buddybean340gm
        14 MAR, 2016
        Follow the instructions precisely unless you want Martha's jailhouse pals paying you a visit.
      • carotherskathe
        25 DEC, 2015
        you can put it in the fridge then let it come to room temp before serving it:)
  • Looly Al Hussian
    9 MAY, 2014
    It worked from the first time but mine wasn't sweet Enough it depends on the chocolete type and i cooked for 31 m and it was burned a littlebit and dry from the inside but we enjoyed it
  • cacamilis
    13 MAY, 2013
    I made this as my first soufflé. It was a resounding success. I have heard all the horror stories of soufflés not rising etc and was trepidatious starting off. It turned out to be a simple recipe that worked very well. The family loved it. A very elegant dish that was a lot simpler than I ever imagined it would be. Will definitely make it again. Thanks for the recipe!!
  • Kurilian
    3 SEP, 2012
    i followed the instructions, but it all sunk down! it was too moist too .__. i think this was because i did not beat the egg whites enough but do the egg whites lift the souffle by itself? if it does, i think i know my mistake now.

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