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Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

Recipe photo courtesy of Romulo Yanes

This versatile dish goes from brunch buffet to dinner table in a snap and is great with a leafy green salad. The flaky crust and custard filling make it a perfect vehicle for an array of mix-ins. Baking the crust before adding the filling, known as blind baking, ensures it won't get soggy. Our favorite pie dough recipe is Basic Pie Crust.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2011
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Cook's Notes

To store, refrigerate cooled quiche, tightly covered, up to 3 days. To reheat quiche, cover with foil and place in a 325 degrees oven until warmed, about 15 minutes.

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  • Eat Only If Its Oh So Good
    28 NOV, 2013
    This quiche was awesome. I used 1/2 yellow onion and 1/2 Vidalia and it was absolutely delish! The Vidalia gave it just a mild sweet flavor and the bacon balanced it out. I also sautéed red pepper with the onion for a nice color. As for the cheese I grated and added fresh extra sharp cheddar, mild brie, and havarti. It was super moist and cooked in exactly 40 minutes. Cooking the crust beforehand really worked -no soggy's. I rate this a 5 because I could and will make it over and over again.
    • MS10110850
      21 FEB, 2019
      So, in other words, you did not make this recipe.
  • MS112587545
    4 OCT, 2018
    It is tasty but it always overflows the pie crust.
  • laura.aimee
    5 APR, 2018
    This was perfect. I made it as part of our Easter brunch. It was wonderful. Not a piece was left. I will definitely make this again... (maybe tomorrow).
  • MS10087702
    4 FEB, 2018
    Unfortunately I got my ratio of eggs and cheese wrong. My fault.
  • celewski
    8 JAN, 2018
    I make this all the time, easy and excellent. I sub gruyere for the cheddar and oven roast the brocolli, but otherwise no changes
  • rsolveirayahoo
    3 JAN, 2016
    It has potential. Way to many onions which makes it a bit gooey and not in a pleasant way. I would add two more eggs and maybe half a cup more of cheese. It looked smelled & beautiful though.
    • charlino99
      5 DEC, 2017
      I used this recipe today and loved it. Used sweet onion instead of yellow onion and it turned out great. Will definitely make it again. Hub loved it.
    • ginanewenggmai
      20 FEB, 2016
      I Carmelized my onions. Wonder if that helped take some of the moisture out. We loved ours.
  • sch5256gmailc
    12 APR, 2017
    it literally wouldn't cook it was so soupy
  • jh3
    16 SEP, 2014
    I made this recipe exactly as written and it turned out perfectly! There is no need to tweak it in any way. The proportions called for are just right. I have a bad habit of thinking, for example, that if say 1 cup of cheese is good then 2 would be better. That usually turns out to not be the case. This time I made myself follow the given recipe exactly ( believe me I wanted to add more cheese, but I didn't). It was delicious! I'm going to start actually following recipes now.
  • bigAinsurance
    10 NOV, 2013
    My first attempt at making quiches...and Martha's recipe made it easier. The custard was perfect and everyone loved the flavor.
  • cellochick451
    21 OCT, 2013
    This is delicious. I ended up doubling the recipe but I didn't need to double the number of eggs. 6 was perfect. This is very delicious. I added thyme and a touch of paprika to give it a rounder flavor. Next time I will add bacon and cook the onion and broccoli in it. I substituted half and half for the heavy cream!

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