Seasonal Wreaths


Search through some of our best winter, spring, summer, and fall wreath projects suitable for your indoor and outdoor decor.

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Sweetgum Fruit Wreath


This is one of the easiest wreaths we've ever made. No fussing over symmetry or bending of boughs -- just some spray paint, a hot-glue gun, and floral wire. The gentle coating of white conjures the season's first snow.

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Bittersweet Autumn Wreath


This wreath, which features vines and bittersweet, announces fall is here.

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Pussy Willow Wreath


This wreath, which features pussy willow catkins, is a beautiful alternative to a traditional wreath with greenery.

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Glitter Berry Wreath


This wreath, with its sparkly branches, is perfect for the fall and the holidays.

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Nut Wreath


Autumn is harvest season for almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts. But there's no need to squirrel them away for winter. Celebrate their abundance with this festive decoration. Use any hard-shelled nuts, including acorns you gather from your own backyard.

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Lustrous Wreath


Experiment with various types of faux greenery to make this wreath. Additional stems can be painted and arranged inside glowing cups.

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Pinecone-Studded Wreath

Rob Howard

This wreath is simple to make -- it utilizes a premade wreath that you just adorn with pinecones.

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Harvest Wreath


November is just the moment for a crisp-as-fall wreath made of artfully layered dried cornhusks.

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Fall Foliage Wreath


Long after the last leaves on the lawn have been raked away, this autumnal wreath will hold on to its crispness and color.

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Feather Wreath

Maura McEvoy

Turkey quill feathers and magnolia leaves, colored on one side with floral spray, are mixed with stalks of wheat to create a stunning wreath.

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Pinecone Wreath

Rob Howard

This substantial wreath, made with long Norway spruce pinecones attached to a bed of moss, can last for years if stored properly.

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Gold Wreath

Ditte Isager

This lustrous wreath is made by creating bundles of faux gold branches and leaves and attaching them to a wire wreath form.

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Monogram Wreath


This wreath is perfect as a decoration on your front door, any time of the year.

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Dried Corn Wreath

Anna Williams

This unique wreath makes use of leftover or dried corncobs.

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Candy Wreath


This wreath made of candy might be too tempting to remain intact for long.

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Laurel Wreath


This laurel wreath is made by using a straw wreath form and is beautiful hung on your door any time of the year.

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Autumn Wreath


The perfect addition to any front door during the fall months.

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Fragrant Wreath


Fill your home with the sweet smell of bay laurel (or rosemary) with this easy-to-make wreath.

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Mussel Shell Wreath

mussel shell wreath
Laurie Frankel

This wreath is really dressed up for summer, thanks to a clambake's worth of mussel shells.

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