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Fit to Eat: Hors Do-Overs

Get the party started with healthy updates on the season's tastiest, best-loved appetizers.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2011

For most of us, the diet starts January 1. Until then, you're inclined to celebrate, socialize, and eat with abandon. But the holidays don't have to be about overindulgence: You can have fun, eat healthfully, and still enjoy the usual party nibbles. The recipes on these pages offer good-for-you versions of four classic hors d'oeuvres. They have all the festiveness and flavors, but not quite as many calories. So instead of a scallop ensconced in bacon, try a mango-wrapped shrimp with an adobo sauce that mimics bacon's smokiness. Or a crunchy no-dough pot sticker, a creamy (mayonnaise-less) spinach dip, or gravlax served in a lightened-up way (you won't even miss the potato latke or bread).


Spinach-Avocado Dip
Doughless Pot Stickers
Gravlax on Cucumbers with Chive Yogurt
Scallion-and-Mango-Wrapped Shrimp

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