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Foil Poinsettia Garland

Cutting the sheet metal used in this craft will dull your scissors, so use an old pair.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2011


Because ... there's magic in colorful twinkling lights.

Spanish colonists gave tin to Mexicans, who over the years perfected the art of soldering and painting bright ornaments from the material. The Mexicans, in turn, gave us the idea of evoking that cheerful, sparkling look with something as simple as foil candy cups on pink mini lights, poinsettias made from metal sheets, and a tart-tin sconce. Decorating a mantel in these happy reds and pinks anchors a room -- and serves as an ample stand-in if your space (or holiday travel plans) doesn't allow for a large trimmed tree.


  • Old scissors

  • Metal sheets in copper, aluminum, and red

  • Hot-glue gun

  • 24-gauge craft wire

  • Silver beads

  • Metal-ball garland


  1. Cut a strip of metal between 2 and 4 inches wide and 5 and 7 inches long. Fold metal strip in half lengthwise, and crease. Cut a long, narrow "B" shape, using the crease as the straight part of the B. Unfold, creating a dual-leaf piece. Repeat, making more leaves. Snip some in half, making 2 single leaves.

  2. Create flowers with 2 dual-leaf pieces and 1 single-leaf piece by stacking pieces and gluing them at their centers.

  3. Thread wire though 3 silver beads, twisting to keep them in place. Glue beads to center of flower and bend excess wire to the back.

  4. Twist excess wire around garland. Repeat 2 more times until garland has flowers all along length.

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