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Halloween Hurricane Candleholders

A spooky Halloween scene glows from within; make it using clip art and a few basic materials.

Photography: Rob Tannenbaum

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2011


Reduce the design by the following percentages for cylinders smaller than 8 inches:

7.5 inches – 94 percent
7 inches – 87.5 percent
6.5 inches – 81 percent


  • Letter-size (8 1/2 inches by 11 inches) printable vellum

  • Color printer

  • Matte-finish transparent tape

  • 6- to 8-inch-tall glass ("hurricane") cylinder

  • Pillar candle


  1. Print clip art on vellum, printing as many copies as you will need to cover the cylinder.

  2. Trim clip art on dotted lines. If using more than one piece of vellum, overlap the design slightly (by about 1/8 inch) and tape pieces together.

  3. Wrap vellum around glass cylinder and tape in place.

  4. Place pillar candle inside cylinder and light.

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