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Lucinda's New York-Style Cheesecake

Source: Mad Hungry, Episode 1101


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  • niinbiin
    12 SEP, 2018
    Maybe it was the jars I put them in instead of a spring pan. Could have been my lacking of boiling water and all the walking around I did while it bakes or the insane amount of eggs and sugar called for but this was not it. I also might have also tried it to early but definitely not smoothe or silky. They inflated, cracked, burned then deflated.
  • robincsmith8
    9 SEP, 2018
    I am a big time cook and baker it's in my blood and I give thanks to my mom for that anyways on to my review this cheesecake is totally awesome although I did use half sour cream and half heavy whipping cream for the sour cream anyway also it started to get very brown on top so I adjusted the oven to 325 and had to extend the baking time even though with that this cheesecake is just awesome creamy yummy I have made tons of cheesecakes but this one is now my favorite. The use of the butter in it is genius as far as I am concerned. Thank you for such a awesome recipe that will forever be in my baking collection of recipes.
  • tclark756
    15 AUG, 2018
    This is my new go to cheesecake My family and I love love it I’ve made this Cheesecake more than 3 times already of course i add heavy cream and other ingredients like crushed up oreos or pineapples
  • MS10067480
    25 JUL, 2018
    This recipe was divine. I did it exactly as written and it was PERFECT. My family has declared this the new required dessert when visiting Mom's house and at Christmas. It would not have been better. The texture, the flavor, the appearance.
  • mary_ryan
    25 NOV, 2017
    Followed written directions to a tea. Worked perfectly looked beautiful. I was disappointed in the taste, too bland.
    • annettel4339953
      18 JUN, 2018
      Mary, I advise, try it again! I felt I went a little light on the lemon zest due to zesting and I usually will screw up a recipe every time. I probably added a bit more vanilla than a teaspoon as well ( you know how when pouring a liquid it is easy to over pour?) My cake was awesomely delicious and I am wishing I hadn't let everyone take the leftovers.
  • annettel4339953
    18 JUN, 2018
    I am not real big on "perfect" measuring but I'm sure I was close and the cake was PERFECT! Even my very picky daughter loved it enough to take 3 pieces home with her (she NEVER does that). Thank you so much, I initially doubted I would use this recipe just because it didn't call for heavy cream, which I had heard is one of the major ingredients in a NY cheesecake and the site I found it on gave it a less than 3 star rating (probably rated by cooking rookies). But after watching the video, I decided to use this one and boy am I glad I let the "little diner down the road" story change my mind. I will make this regularly now (at least as regularly as I dare health and weight wise). For those wondering, it is as easy as the video shows. I am an experienced cook, but I normally stink when it comes to the baking, but everyone at the table (especially the two dads it was made for) loved it!
  • escaldeira108
    14 MAY, 2018
    I have made this recipe several times and I love, love, love, the results. Simple and sublime. I have also made the same filling with a gluten free oatmeal crust and it is delicious that way as well. Please don't skip the water bath.
  • gfarns310
    5 MAY, 2017
    Today may 5th is the second time making this cheesecake I followed the directions to the tee last time but my cheesecake burnt on top to high of oven so this time I lowered the degrees of it and it turned out perfect but I didn't do the water bath thing and it still turned out awesome....
  • mikkeahgmailc
    28 JUL, 2016
    I've made this a few times. I don't put mine in a water bath, I put it over a pan of water. Use 9" springform. When adding eggs, I don't beat them, I fold in so I don't add too much air (cracks). Baking this hot? Most cheesecakes say bake at 300 for 1 hour. 375 is a hot oven for cheesecake, so I modify temp during baking time and and bake less time, cooler oven (325-350). I leave it in the oven for another hour to cool down. Fewer cracks. REFRIGERATE 8 before serving.
    • kazuba1
      1 OCT, 2016
      Great tip on lowering the temperature to 350 and letting the cake cool in the oven. Beautiful top -- lightly browned at edges with no cracks. First time in 45 years of making cheesecake.
  • MS11489961
    19 SEP, 2014
    The taste is good. I cooked this for 90 minutes and it wasn't done. The recipe calls for 60 minutes. Thank you for posting an incorrect recipe.
    • Tcciapto
      26 NOV, 2014
      I have made this cheesecake many times. It is very good. Remember it comes out loose it hardens.

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