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Recipe photo courtesy of Tara Donne

This recipe (which can easily be multiplied) is the base for Apricot and Ganache Tartlets, Chocolate Cakes with Ganache Glaze, Mini Chocolate Whoopie Pies, Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Ganache, and Peanut Butter Truffles. For step-by-step photos, see our handy 101 here.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2011



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  • plumage
    28 OCT, 2017
    I have made this ganache many times over the past 15 years, however, the last time I made it was over 7 years ago, before my attempt today. I thought that I was following the instructions exactly and it failed twice. But, upon further investigation, I realized my error. It is IMPERATIVE that you do not leave the whipping cream over the double boiler and add the chopped chocolate to the hot liquid. I didn't think this would be a problem, but I suspect that the residual heat from the hot water under the bowl made the temperature stay elevated and it caused the mixture to separate. It was such a disappointment! I used Trader Joe's 70% dark and it tastes amazing, so at least that. I will try to reuse this mixture for brownies or chocolate frosting since I hate wasting food.
    • tbezak1
      22 JUL, 2018
      Thank you so much for your reply. After taking an early retirement, I am now enjoying cooking. Working full time there wasn't much time for anything but an occasional homemade cake and then I used the store bought frosting. I tried the ganache recipe and had the same thing happen to me. I didn't realize adding the chocolate while cream was still on the heat would make such a problem. As a beginner cook in someways, I can't state enough the importance of having the "be sure" steps. Thank you.
  • MS10945551
    16 SEP, 2017
    Ganache: Food of the Gods. Thank you!
  • kofigangmailc
    11 MAY, 2017
    Truly don't understand all the complaints. This is a simple, go-to recipe that is perfect for ice cream sauce (you can use light cream or even 1/2 and 1/2) of cakes (use w[filtered] cream and chill a bit). The salt? It does affect the taste, so be careful or don't use. It's not "completely unnecessary," it faintly cuts the overt sweetness, but chances are you won't notice it so save the step and lower the blood pressure.
    • kofigangmailc
      11 MAY, 2017
      that was "or" cakes. And I now see the joke in the filtering. Are these people serious?
  • gksloane
    10 MAR, 2017
    First, no salt. Completely unnecessary; why subs[filtered]ute salt for flavor? Second, it IS a bit runny (compared to doing it right). Answer? Not enough chocolate. Want it rich? Add two squares of bakers semi-sweet and 1/3tsp butter to the chocolate morsels. Whoa!!! Finally, flavor. Try ONE of these: (a) 1 tsp almond extract (b) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract + 1/2 tsp chili powder (I like cayenne!) (c) 1 tbsp. run (d) you try something! Use of salt is bad for you and masks the fact that there isn't any interesting flavor except chocolate.
    • gksloane
      10 MAR, 2017
      By the way, that is "subs...t...I...tute"....!!!
    • gksloane
      10 MAR, 2017
      HA HA HA!!! Martha Stewart strikes again! she filtered the word "subs[filtered]ute" by getting rid of [filtered]!!!
  • jhoog3
    9 MAR, 2016
    I have made ganache before and it turned out perfect. This recipe was followed to the letter and was a runny mess! Ruined the cake. Heading out to buy canned icing...
  • citygirlsf
    20 MAR, 2014
    I was intimidated to make ganache, so I'm lucky I chose this method for my first try. Worked like a charm! I won't bother trying any others, because why reinvent the wheel? This one's foolproof. Will post again when I've used it as a frosting!
  • MrsCoupar
    5 FEB, 2013
    Used 60% caco. Result ended up pretty good. Putting on French Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry cake filling.
  • Stephaniie X
    12 SEP, 2012
    wat chocolate brand can u use

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