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Christmas Pyramid Cake

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2011


  • Oval embroidery hoop, 5 by 9 inches

  • Craft saw

  • Wood glue

  • Wooden craft stick or coffee stirrer

  • Drill with a 3/32-inch bit

  • Craft knife

  • 1 sheet of basswood, 1/32 by 3 by 24 inches

  • Sandpaper

  • Small paintbrush

  • Wooden figures: people and trees

  • Detail paintbrush

  • Artist watercolor paint

  • Pyramid rod, propeller, and bearing cup

  • Fan assembly

  • Wooden beads (optional)

  • Candles


  1. Bake and frost ginger-bread cake.

  2. Cut interior oval of embroidery hoop, creating an arch about 6 inches tall (A). Extend the ends of the arch by 2 inches by gluing sections from a craft stick or coffee stirrer to the ends. Drill a hole at center of arch’s top edge.

  3. Print template for carolers’ arms. Cut pieces from basswood (B). Sand as needed. Glue to wooden people. To make songbook, cut a rectangle of basswood 1/2 inch by 1 inch. Score down the middle with opposite side of craft knife, and gently bend it.

  4. Paint people and trees as desired. Draw faces and hair first very lightly in pencil. Use a spare piece of wood to check the color and opacity of the paint. Let dry.

  5. Glue songbook to arms, and let dry.

  6. To assemble pyramid on cake: Insert the blunt end of the pyramid rod into propeller. Thread 2 beads (optional) onto the pointed end of the rod (C). Insert rod through hole drilled in arch. Insert ends of arch into the cake. Slide more beads onto the rod to nearly cover it, and place the bearing cup beneath the end.

  7. Arrange trees and carolers. Reposition the bearing cup as necessary so the propeller can spin freely.

  8. Place candles in cake.

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