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Cook up a batch of the tastiest apple butter in no time by making it in a slow cooker with this recipe from Amy Traverso, author of "The Apple Lover's Cookbook." This recipe also includes instructions for canning apple butter.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6074



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  • bobbieliz
    25 OCT, 2016
    Today I followed the recipe exactly...hadn't read the comments, so didn't KNOW that I would yield only 2 pints instead of 6...this recipe should have been tested for accuracy. I feel like my time was wasted as these were going to be gifts. Now I have to begin again. I used Large Apples. And it was done in a crockpot I have used dozens of times. I will use a different recipe.
  • debs7761
    26 SEP, 2016
    4 stars. It was easy and delicious! However, I too only got 3 pints out of it and I will reduce the liquid to 1 1/2 cups next time.
  • doglover63
    5 NOV, 2013
    4 stars: the recipe was so helpful: gave number of apples, not just weight; gave # of jars; gave specific canning instructs not found in others. Reviews & chgs were even more helpful, so decided to leave my own. Based on rvws: I used 25 lg mixed apples, cored, sliced, & peeled (but cooked peels also), 1.5 C brn sugar, 1/2 t each allspice, nutmeg, & ginger, 3 t cinnamon, dash sea salt, 2 C fresh cider, juice of 1 lg lemon. Took 2 crockpots overnight. Pureed in food processer, 10 1/2 pints. YUMMY!
  • edowns3
    6 OCT, 2013
    Did anyone else's turn out REALLY watery looking after cooking 10 1/2 hours and putting thru a sieve?
  • 920cookin
    26 SEP, 2013
    Must amend my previous review. Upon closer inspection, it did in fact yield 3 one-pint jars, so 6 half-pints. I didn't look at my jars closely enough!
  • 920cookin
    26 SEP, 2013
    Tastes wonderful, but nearly six pounds of apples yielded only 3 half-pint jars. I don't know who could be special enough to get one of my three jars! I think the apple variety must make a bigger difference than weight. I will try again and really fill the crockpot to the top.
  • Knytling
    21 OCT, 2012
    I used 5 pounds of apples, but only ended up with 6 half pints ( I used a combination of 4oz and 8oz jars) maybe the recipe should read: makes 6 half pints or 12 4oz jars. Other than that the recipe seems to work out well.
  • Allison G
    3 OCT, 2012
    I didn't have any star anise & so substituted a pinch of allspice. I also decreased the sugar by half and used 1 C white sugar and 1/2 C light brown. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly until the morning. The fruit was still quite chunky after cooking 11.5 hours total, so I mashed it up with a potato masher and then pureed in batches in the food processor. My 5 lbs of apples only yielded 2 pints . However, it is delicious and I'm glad I tried it! I had a full crate of apples to use up.
  • chloeandmom
    16 NOV, 2011
    Just made this last night, canned it and ate some and it is GREAT! Will be giving our my jars for Christmas, would be awesome in PB&J cookies!
  • Solangegreene
    14 NOV, 2011
    Erica 75, check this out Altitude affects canning recipes, just like it does when you bake. Recipes are written for altitudes up to 1,000 feet above sea level. Be sure to check the chart below for adjustments for your altitude. Increase Altitude Feet Processing Time 1,001 - 3,000 5 minutes 3,001 - 6,000 10 minutes 6,001 - 8,000 15 minutes 8,001 - 10,000 20 minutes

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