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Every Halloween party needs a haunted graveyard. Make these easy tombstones by carving foam and decorating it with paint, plastic bones, and rubber bats.

Source: Martha Stewart



  • Craft knives

  • Breakaway blades

  • Linoleum cutters

  • Rasp

  • Pumpkin-carving kit tools

  • Hot glue gun to attach bones to tombstone

  • Plastic bones and rubber bats


  1. With a utility knife, cut foam insulation to tombstone shape. Using a linoleum cutter, rasp, and pumpkin-carving tools, cut and carve foam to create letters and textures. Make your own designs or use our tombstone templates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

  2. With hot glue, add dimensional decorative flourishes, such as plastic bones and rubber bats, to the tombstone.

  3. Once carved and decorated, paint tombstone solid gray and let dry.

  4. Lean tombstone against a protected wall and begin aging by dabbing darker gray, black, and brown paints onto the surface and then brushing generously with water to wash out the color.

  5. Use half-inch dowels inserted into bottom edge of tombstone to display in ground.

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