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Pumpkin Monsters

Bring a whole graveyard full of monsters to life using Funkins (fake pumpkins) in this creepy display from artist Michael Natiello that you can use year after year.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • One six-foot 2 x 3 piece of lumber

  • Two four-foot 1 x 2 pieces of lumber

  • Drill

  • Wing nut and bolt

  • Funkins

  • Screws and/or L-brackets

  • String lights

  • Tape

  • Robe or fabric for draping


  1. 1. Build support (scarecrow) armature, using one six-foot 2 x 3 piece of lumber for upright and two 4-foot 1 x 2 pieces for the arms. Attach arms to the upright about a foot from the top using a wing nut.

  2. 2. Carve Funkins for head, chest, pelvis, arms, and hands. Cut holes on top and bottom of Funkins for sliding over the armature. Drill holes in back of Funkins for lights.

  3. 3. Attach Funkins to armature. Slide chest and pelvis onto the armature from the bottom and screw in place or use an L bracket to hold. Slide head over the top. Slide arms onto 1 x 2 x 4 pieces and add hands last, using screws to secure and hold arms in place.

  4. 4 Insert string lights into holes in Funkins, tape in place, and tidy up wires.

  5. 5. Drape robe or fabric over the Funkins, pin in place, and add shredded fabric as desired.

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