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Lab Decorations

Make sure your lab looks the part before conducting your mad scientist experiments.

Source: Martha Stewart


Tools and Materials

  • Flame-retardant plastic
  • Rubber gloves
  • Brown paint
  • Staples and/or tape
  • Printed images and clip-art
  • Clear plastic trash bags
  • Old X-rays (optional)
  • Light boxes (optional)
  • Variety of household items

Lab Decorations How-To

  1. Secure flame-retardant plastic to walls. Wearing rubber gloves, smear brown paint onto plastic-covered wall. Crumple printed images, unfurl, and staple onto walls. Splatter with bits of brown paint.
  2. Shred clear plastic trash bags and staple or tape over entire area.
  3. Place old x-rays on light boxes around the room, if desired. (Tip: In place of real X-rays, make your own by printing onto transparency paper on your home printer.)
  4. Add household items such as tinfoil, hoses, and bottles as finishing touches.


Clip art available online at Vintage Printable and Clipart History.

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