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Hallway of Horror

Filled with blood, eyeballs, and hands, the motto for this haunted hallway is "The more gruesome the better."

Source: Martha Stewart


Tools and Materials

  • 1-inch PVC pipe and couplings
  • White or clear flame-retardant plastic sheeting
  • Cable ties
  • Red paint
  • 2-inch-thick upholstery foam
  • Mannequin parts
  • Sticky eyeballs
  • Red twine
  • Latex gloves
  • Gelatin
  • Paint and food coloring to embellish/distress "body parts"
  • Strobe lights
  • Colored light bulbs

Hallway of Horror How-To

  1. Use PVC pipes to make a hallway framework of desired height and length. Connect pieces of pipe with corresponding elbow joints and couplings.
  2. Drape structure with plastic sheeting, securing to pipes with cable ties. Splatter with red "blood" paint.
  3. Line floor with upholstery foam and cover with a layer of plastic sheeting.
  4. Hang cadaver-colored mannequin parts, sticky eyeballs on red twine "veins," and plasma-colored gelatin-filled surgical gloves from PVC pipes with cable ties. Trim ends of cable ties.
  5. Illuminate with strobe lights and red light bulbs.


White flame-retardant plastic sheeting from Global Plastic Sheeting. Clear flame-retardant plastic sheeting from The Home Depot. Eyeballs and strobe lights from Oriental Trading.

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