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Creepy Corridor

Cause a scare by filling your hallway with creepy crawly spiders, skulls, and bones attached to cobwebs.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Industrial wood pallets of same size (we used 20 for our hallway)

  • 2 x 4 lumber

  • Screws and power drill/driver

  • Plastic bones

  • Fake cobwebs


  1. 1. To make walls, stack two pallets edge-to-edge and secure by attaching 2 x 4 braces to the exterior side with screws.

  2. 2. To make the ceiling and stabilize the corridor, use screws to secure additional pallets to the tops of the walls.

  3. 3. Scatter the floor of the corridor with cardboard and thin scraps of wood (such as shims). 

  4. 4. Drape finished structure with black, flame-retardant plastic sheeting to block out light. Decorate inside of corridor with plastic bones and cobwebs.

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