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Pasta Fascinators

Fancy, royal-inspired headpieces made of easy and affordable ... pasta!

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Fabric- or ribbon-covered plain headbands

  • Pasta in a variety of shapes

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

  • Circles cut from cardboard, or half of a small Styrofoam ball

  • Circle cut from felt to match cardboard or Styrofoam

  • Craft paint


  1. Using cardboard or Styrofoam ball as a base, glue pasta into a creative shape with hot glue. We made flowers by arranging 5-6 jumbo shells in a circle.

  2. Paint fascinators desired color(s). Add finishes such as gloss or glitter, as desired.

  3. Glue base with pasta design onto headband. Glue felt circle underneath design, sandwiching headband, to secure design and protect hair.

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