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Cherry-Bomb Wedding Favor How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2011

These candy-filled bundles are a cinch to make: Wrap a handful of cherry sour balls in red tissue, twist closed, and add floral-wire stems and paper leaves.

Tools & Supplies:

  • Red and light-green tissue paper (Nashville Wraps tissue paper, $13.50 for 480 sheets,
  • Scissors
  • Cherry sours candy (Candy Warehouse cherry sour balls, $60 for 10 lb,
  • Covered floral wire (7 1/2-inch lengths; FloraCraft floral stem wire, $1 for 30 pieces,
  • Light-green floral tape (Panacea floral tape, $1.25,


1. Stack two layers of red tissue paper, and draw a 6-inch-diameter circle on the top layer. (If you do not have a compass, trace a small plate or other round object that is of a similar size.) Cut out, cutting through both layers.

2. Download our leaf template, and trace onto two layers of light-green tissue paper; cut through both layers.

3. Place 13 cherry sour candies in the center of the stacked red tissue-paper circles. Fold the tissue-paper circles up over the candies, and twist to secure, creating a short stem for the tissue-paper "cherry." If necessary, wrap a short piece of floral tape around the stem to keep it from untwisting.

4. Place one of the wire stems alongside the tissue-paper stem, and attach with floral tape, wrapping all the way up the stem; do not cut the tape yet.

5. To attach the leaves, place their stems against the wrapped wire so that the leaves are pointing back down at the cherry. Wrap the tape around the stems of the leaves, and cut the tape.

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