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Glittered Skull Candelabra

Embellish a creepy skull candleholder with glitter for a bone-chilling Halloween look.

Source: Martha Stewart


Add Glittered Snakes for a complete tableau.


  • Craft paint

  • Glitter

  • Glittering glue

  • Paintbrushes


  1. Paint skulls as desired, applying two coats of each color to cover skulls completely. (On "The Martha Stewart Show," Martha uses Martha Stewart Crafts paint in Beetle Black with a gloss finish, Arrowhead with a satin finish, and Mother of Pearl with a pearl finish painted over a coat of Wet Cement in a satin finish.) Begin with your lightest color first and work toward your darkest.

  2. With a second brush, apply glue liberally to desired skulls and glitter with desired color. Martha uses Martha Stewart Crafts glitter in Sterling.

  3. Let paint and glue dry completely and finish by inserting candles into candelabra.

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