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Ladybug Art

Make a delightful, easy-to-assemble piece of wall art using creatively arranged paper circles.

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2011


Tools and Materials

  • Card stock
  • Circle cutters (small and large)
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler or straightedge
  • Double-sided tape or glue stick
  • Frame

Ladybug Art How-To

  1. Using the small circle cutter, cut two 1-inch circles from black card stock for the antennae ends. Cut two 2 1/2-inch and two 3-inch black circles for the dots on the wings.
  2. With the large circle cutter, cut a 6-inch circle for the head and a 10-inch circle for the body from black card stock.
  3. Cut an additional 10-inch circle, and without lifting up the cutter, adjust the blade to cut a 9-inch circle out of the center, forming a 1/2-inch ring. Cut this ring into quarters to make the antennae.
  4. Cut a 12-inch circle from red card stock for the wings.
  5. Download, print, and cut out the ladybug wings template, trace onto the red circle, and cut the traced pie shape from the circle to make the wings.
  6. Using double-sided tape or a glue stick, assemble the ladybug. Attach the head to the body, the larger black dots to the wings, and the 1-inch black dots to the ends of the antennae. Finish by attaching the wings to the main body and the antennae to the head.
  7. Mount completed ladybug on green card-stock background using double-sided tape or glue stick, place into frame, and secure frame back into place. (Tip: Use the back insert of the frame as a template for the green card stock background.)


Large sheets of card stock available from your local crafts supply store. Small circle cutter, large circle cutter, double-sided permanent tape roller, and glue stick all available from Martha Stewart Crafts. Ribba 16-inch by 10-inch frame available from Ikea.

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