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No-Bake Cheesecake

Recipe photo courtesy of James Baigrie

There are certain days during the summer when the last place anyone wants to be is in a hot kitchen. But that's when kids can come to the rescue, making a delicious dessert for the whole family without ever having to ask their parents to turn on the oven.

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, July/August 2004
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Skip the crust: use cheesecake filling in a parfait and invent a whole new "layer cake." Mix the filling, then put some in a glass. Top with broken-up cookies (such as chocolate or vanilla wafers) or graham crackers, and add fresh fruit (such as raspberries or blueberries). Alternate layers. Refrigerate parfait for 30 minutes, and serve.

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How would you rate this recipe?
  • fafa4575430
    26 MAR, 2019
    I really enjoyed this cake. To try to cut the number of calories, I opted to make the Filling only and used it as a pudding topped with fresh strawberries. Yum!
  • MS11029406
    21 MAR, 2019
    I have made this cheesecake several times and my family loves it
  • rashar27
    24 FEB, 2019
    More than one recipe I tried but the strength of the cheesecake is not coherent 100%
  • marinbogert
    15 FEB, 2019
    We love this recipe! Skip the sugar in the crust, mix on low just enough & no more, add chukar sour cherry pie filling on top. Enjoy!!
  • dianaevorganics
    24 DEC, 2018
    First of all, the folks in this comment section are dishing out some of the most impressive smack talk I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Sick burn, Carol. Second of all, my mom made this and it didn’t set up. She reduced the lemon juice but only by one tablespoon. She was adding to taste. I was super interested to see that some people are saying the lemon and the sweetened condensed milk react to create a firm texture. I would literally love an example of this reaction in another recipe. It’s super interesting concept, I just want to understand it better without taking another chance on this cake, which was unfortunately, a flop.
    • dgotti1964
      23 JAN, 2019
      I can not find a spring form pan at my local shopping store..any alternatives I can use..need to have ready for Church tonight.. please help..
  • connievon2003
    10 JAN, 2019
    I have been reading the reviews, and it surprised me that they differ so much. First of all, as someone said below, there is a reaction between the condensed milk and the lemon juice. You can actually make a lemon meringue pie, using a mixture of just lemon juice and condensed milk as a filling. Second, I suspect that the problem with the runny cheesecakes is that if you overbeat the cream cheese, it becomes runny beyond repair. I used to teach cooking classes, and this was one of the issues we had when making a cream cheese icing. It´s best to have it room temp, then mix it with the flat beater, and only until it softens. If you mix too hard too long that it gets runny, there is no way back, better add a couple of eggs and bake it. I hope this helps.
  • lauradaltaviota
    15 DEC, 2018
    I loved the creamy centre but I think the crusty base was too thick .. but may have been my miscalculation? Overall a clear and easy recipe to follow !
  • ACX93280833
    15 DEC, 2018
    I too used this recipe to make cheesecake and my filling did not set. Because I made a blackberry compote to accompany the cheesecake that didn't set, I ended up making a parfait cup. I also agree with other cooks that the cake was too tart. I was surprised how bad the cake didn't set for it to be a recipe backed by Martha Stewart. I'll find another and try again this weekend.
  • aab45439639
    1 NOV, 2018
    This is an amazing recipe! So easy and everyone loved it. The only thing I did differently was that I used three 8 oz. blocks of cream cheese instead of two. That eliminated the runny filling issue completely and it set perfectly in the freezer. Also, the cake remained on the table for well over an hour during dessert with no melting or running. This will definitely be my go-to cheesecake for special occasions.
    • kiruciga07
      22 NOV, 2018
      How much does your 1tbsp and 1tsp in ml and the 1cup . Pls clarify
  • boom_jaz
    21 OCT, 2018
    I make this No-Bake Cheesecake at least 5 times a year. I find it to be delicious and easy to make. This is one of my family's favorite desserts.
    • boom_jaz
      21 OCT, 2018
      beebe.lewis2 Are you adding the lemon last. I mean after all the other ingredient have been mixed. That is an important key to making this receipt a success.

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