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Stenciling All Over

Source: Martha Stewart


Stencil virtually anywhere -- on a wood panel, a pillow cover, or a ceramic plate -- with just a few inexpensive materials.

Resources: "On the Farm" stencil set, paint, and foam pouncers available from Martha Stewart Crafts. Wood panels available from Walnut Hollow.


  • Craft paint

  • Stencil set

  • Scissors

  • Items for embellishing, such as a wood art panel, solid pillow cover, or ceramic plate.

  • Foam pouncers

  • Stencil adhesive spray

  • Stencil tape

  • Dish or bowl of water


  1. Cut individual shapes from stencils with scissors or a craft knife.

  2. Spray stencil adhesive spray on the back of the stencil. Place stencil on item. Tape around stencil with stencil tape to secure and mask outer edges.

  3. Use foam pouncers to apply paint within stencil lines. Use tape to mask between sections as you go, if necessary.

  4. Peel off stencil and place in a dish of water for easy clean-up.

  5. Repeat with more stencil shapes, if desired. Allow paint to dry before using or displaying item.

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