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Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Preparation Schedule

Everyday Food, November 2006

This schedule is based on the Family-Friendly Thanksgiving menu.

Up to 2 Days Ahead

Prepare Cranberry Grape Compote up to two weeks ahead; refrigerate. Make Pumpkin Pie; refrigerate.

1 Day Ahead

Dry bread for Chestnut and Apple Stuffing; cool, then store at room temperature in a resealable plastic bag. Make giblet broth for Cider Gravy; cool, then cover and refrigerate.

5 Hours Ahead

Make stuffing, using dried bread. Stuff turkey and place in oven; transfer extra stuffing to a baking dish; cover and refrigerate.

1 Hour Ahead

Remove turkey from oven; make Cider Gravy, using giblet broth. Bake extra stuffing. Remove compote from refrigerator.

Just Before Serving

Remove stuffing from turkey; carve turkey. Reheat gravy, if necessary; whisk smooth. Remove pie from refrigerator; make whipped cream.

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