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Classic Thanksgiving Preparation Schedule

Everyday Food, November 2005

This schedule is based on the Classic Thanksgiving menu. A step-by-step schedule will make preparing this special meal even easier.

Up to 2 Days Ahead

Make Sweet Potato Pie without topping; refrigerate. Prepare Cranberry Chutney (can also be prepared up to 2 weeks ahead); refrigerate or freeze.

1 Day Ahead

Make Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing through step 2; store cornbread in a resealable bag, and refrigerate cooled sausage and onion mixture. Make Herb Butter for turkey; refrigerate.

5 Hours Ahead

Proceed with step 3 of stuffing recipe; put stuffed turkey in oven. Refrigerate extra stuffing and extra broth. Make Pecan Topping; store pie at room temperature. Make Wild Rice, Walnut, and Cranberry Dressing; store at room

2 Hours Ahead

Make Potato and Squash Mash (or mashed potatoes); top with a thin layer of milk. Make Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apple through step 2; store at room temperature. Remove Cranberry Chutney from refrigerator.

1 hour ahead

Remove turkey from oven; make the gravy. Bake extra stuffing. If desired, reheat brussels sprouts in a 350-degree oven, about 10 minutes; proceed with step 3.

Just Before Serving

Reheat and stir Potato and Squash Mash (or mashed potatoes). Remove stuffing from turkey before carving. Reheat gravy if needed; whisk to combine.

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