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Making Homemade Sausage

When Lucinda Scala Quinn started making sausage at home, she discovered that a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner is always just minutes away.

Why DIY when it comes to sausages? It's cool to investigate, deconstruct, and learn the process of an item you're accustomed to buying premade. As with baking bread, cranking out pasta, or churning ice cream, the mystery unfolds while you tailor flavors to fit your own taste.

Making sausage is also easier than you probably think it is. You don't need a meat grinder, sausage casings, or any other intimidating tools or ingredients. All you have to do is combine a flavorful cut of pork (the shoulder is ideal) and some classic spices (sage and thyme are in my mix) and pulse them in a food processor. Then shape the mixture into logs, roll them in parchment, and freeze them. The whole process takes 30 minutes, and you'll be stocked for weeks.

You can slice off frozen disks to fry up for breakfast, or cook a whole log for pasta sauce for dinner. Or crumble and cook it for a pizza topping, toss it into a salad with lentils, layer it into a lasagna, or use it as a soup base. Try this recipe once, and then improvise, swapping in your favorite seasonings.

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Sausage Logs
Breakfast Sausage Patties with Fried Eggs
Family Pasta Sauce

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